Ford F-150 1993 Starts, runs. Turn off, Won’t restart fuel problem?

Ford F-150 1993 Starts, runs. Turn off, Won’t restart fuel problem?

Hi all, I need some help. I have a 1993 Ford F-150. Truck will start and run as long as you want, but does have hesitation when hitting gas. Sounds fine when pressing on gas peddle gently though. Turn off truck, try to restart, engine just cranks. Try to start with gas peddle to floor, engine starts up very poorly(sputtering). I keep holding gas and the sputtering finally clears up. Won’t idle until holdling gas on for about a minute. Then the truck will idle, go to put into gear, stalls out. Really sounds like a fuel starving issue. Also if you let the truck sit for a few hours, it will start back up and idle without holding gas. When I bought the truck it started up fine and ran fine, no hesitation with gas. Past 3 weeks has gotten progressively worse. The truck sat for 3 years before I bought it, previous owner left it set with no gas in tanks(very little in rear tank,less than quarter). Any possibility something got kicked up into the fuel lines?

The front tank does not work at all, added 5 gallons to it still wont work, been using rear tank, but now i have this problem. I replaced the fuel filter, and fuel pressure regulator. Checked distributer for spark and do have spark. Really leaning towards fuel issue. Help!


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