Speech Class 101 First Video

Speech Class 101 First Video

Hi Everyone, My name is Ashleigh settle. I am majoring in psychology in liberal arts right now at Qcc. My career goal after graduating Quinsig uhm this will be my second year coming up. im hoping to go to either Worcester state or some other state college close by and I want to aim to get my doctorates and open my own family practice. I would probably do younger ages in counseling just because I feel like I could make more of a difference there and they are also a lot easier, I feel like, to change their mindset when they are younger and make them more positive, than older people especially because I am so much younger I feel like the older people wont take me as seriously. Hopefully it will workout. Uhm my online class experience this is my third online class, I wasn’t sure when I first started doing them if I would like them at all but its definitely a lot easier I work two jobs so I find the online class a lot more convenient and I can do it on my own terms and my own times which I like a lot more. I do think there is some of it that is a lot more work because you cant actually talk to the teacher face to face or just be like oh im stopping by your office later because you have questions. you have to email or something else and it takes a lot longer than just doing it face to face. For technology I feel like as a teenager I use technology a lot but as for someone that does use it daily I don’t know a lot about it, just making this video was hard for me because I didn’t realize that I had to upload it to YouTube and that I couldn’t just right then and there. So that was a little confusing for me but im glad I figured it out. My speech experience, so I’ve done a few internships with counseling and everything, so that’s talking in front of a small group of people, mostly teenagers, its a lot easier for me there to talk in front of them because that is something that im comfortable with and I know stuff about psychology. Where as if I where to talk in front of school for a school project, I would get wicked nervous and I would just kind of like shutdown, I would get wicked red and im hoping that with this class it will help me gain more confidence so I can be more of myself and be able to speak better and I say a lot of uhms and I stutter a lot so hopefully I can make that less of a habit. One thing about me that I feel a lot of people don’t really know because I live in Mass now, I used to live in Texas with my grandparents. so that’s definitely interesting, I don’t have the accent or anything but it was a huge thing for me. I love Texas, I love the horses and the country and everything but seeing me now you wouldn’t realize it at all but, that’s me. I hope to get to know all of you and I hope this is going to be a good class. Thank you!


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