Transhumanism, Part 2 | Rebel Guru® Radio: Episode #18

Transhumanism, Part 2 | Rebel Guru® Radio: Episode #18

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In this episode, Eric Pepin takes us to the future where particle splitting leads to folding time and space and where science fiction and transhumanism becomes a reality. He discusses what he thinks would be beneficial uses of DNA augmenting for the modern spiritualist. Then, Eric explores holographic realities, terraforming planets, the singularity, and the role of White Cells in coming times.

If you haven’t already, we recommend listening to “Transhumanism, Part 1” first (Episode 17) as it sets the stage for this discussion. You can find episode 17 here ( or at


The DNA augmentations that will be most beneficial to spiritual seekers (1:45)
Regulation and equality for human modification and augmentation (8:05)
Overpopulation and the current state of transhumanism (12:20)
Movies, documentaries, and articles that show a glimpse of the future… and a shocking look at what is already possible (16:00)
Technology, handling overpopulation, and the evolution of consciousness (37:30)
Private organizations and other outlets where people will be able to access genetic engineering (45:35)

“MIT, Broad scientists overcome key CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing hurdle” (
“A new edition of CRISPR promises to make gene therapy ready for human applications” (
“Geneticists Are Concerned Transhumanists Will Use CRISPR on Themselves” (

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